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Jim Young, DVM

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Jim Young is no longer doing bulldog rescue. 
Please see:
Or please contact:
Mary Holmes at 830-769-2952 or

SABR Rescue Coordinator –
or Hal Hensley at 210-338-0285
Bulldog Rescue – adopt a bulldog

Thank you for your interest in San Antonio Bulldog Rescue.

First I want to be sure you do not have misconceptions or unrealistic expectations about Bulldog Rescue. We NEVER have puppies in rescue and rarely have dogs less than two years old. All the females are spayed and all the males are neutered before they are placed in new homes.

Before you apply to adopt a bulldog, please read about the special characteristics and peculiarities of bulldogs on the Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network web site:

Because almost all the rescue bulldogs we get are older dogs, they often have medical or behavioral problems. We keep them till we have all the medical problems cured or "controlled." And that is usually long enough that we will discover any behavioral problems. However, sometimes a problem shows up after we have adopted the dog out. If the dog and new owner are here in Bexar County or an adjacent county, we can easily help the new owner work through most problems. If the dog and new owner are farther away, we have found it much more difficult. Since we almost always have more applications than we have rescue dogs, we almost always place dogs as close as possible. We consider all applications based on all the factors necessary for a successful adoption. Our decision is based on what is best for the bulldog.

Please note: bulldog adoption starts with the application. When we receive your application, we will know something about you and only then will we know if we have any bulldogs appropriate for you. We do not respond to any questions until you have read the application and contract and we have received your application. Then if you have unanswered questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Read and download the application and contract

If you think you are interested in adopting a bulldog but do not know much about bulldogs, you can find the answers to most of your questions here:

If you do not live in Bexar County or an adjacent county, check the following web addresses for bulldogs you might adopt:

If you are looking for a puppy, check here for valuable advice: