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Jim Young is no longer doing bulldog rescue. 
Please see:

Or please contact:
Mary Holmes at 830-769-2952 or

SABR Rescue Coordinator –
or Hal Hensley at 210-338-0285

Click her for rescue application and contract





Please type or print clearly


Name: ______________________________________________________________Age:______


Address: ______________________________________________________________________



Phone number: (day)_____/________________ (evening)_____/__________________________


Preference:  neutered male____ spayed female ____age ______ color ______________________

Please answer yes or no unless otherwise indicated.   Please answer all questions.

Do other adults live in your home? _______ How many? _____

Do any children live in your home? _______

   If yes, how many and what ages? ______________________________

Is any member of your household allergic to animals? _______

Will you be primarily responsible for the care of this dog? _______

   If not, who will be? _________________________________________

Do you own any other dogs? _______

   If yes, please complete:

   Breed                        Age       Sex (spayed/neutered?)




Do any other pets live in your house? ______

   If yes,what? _________________________________________________

Are you familiar with the health problems associated with brachycephalic (short-nosed)

dogs? _______

Will the dog live in your house? _____ your yard? ______ garage? ______

   other? (specify) _____________________________________________

Fenced yard? ____ If yes, type ______________________ height _______

Pool? ______ Fenced pool? ________

Do you live in a house? ______ apartment? ______ condo? ______

   other? (specify) _______________________________________

Do you own? _____ rent? _____ If rent, are pets allowed? _______

Is someone usually at home during the day? ______  If not, where will the dog stay during the   

   day? _______________________________________________ For how long? _________

Is someone usually at home at night? _____  If not, where will the dog stay at night?

_____________________________________________________ For how long? _________

Do you plan to travel with this dog? _____If not, where will the dog stay?________________

Are you a member of any dog clubs, SPCA, Humane Society, etc?______________________

   If yes, what? ________________________________________________________________

If married, does your spouse approve of getting a dog? ______

Do other household members approve of getting a dog? _______



San Antonio Bulldog Rescue, Application for Adoption, page 2


            I understand that dogs placed by the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue have been acquired, fed and boarded, received medical care and inoculations, been spayed/neutered, and been tested to be free of heartworms and contagious disease at the personal expense of the volunteers who comprise the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue and who receive financial compensation only as it is available through donations.


            I can____/cannot____make a donation of at least $500.00 to the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue to help rescue, provide medical care for, spay/neuter, place, and follow up other unwanted and abandoned bulldogs. (Inability to make a donation to the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue does not disqualify an application from consideration.)


I do____/do not____have an interest in any of the following:  pet store, commercial breeding kennel, buying of dogs for resale.

I have____/have not____been convicted of cruelty to animals.

I am____/am not____under suspension from any purebred dog association.


Your veterinarian: __________________________________

               Address: __________________________________


     Phone number: __________________________________


To feed, vaccinate, license, and provide medical care, how much do you anticipate spending for this dog yearly? $___________

(This question is intended to evaluate your familiarity with the special needs of this relatively "high maintenance" breed, so we can more adequately provide educational material to you.)


Why are you interested in adopting a bulldog?




            I have answered all the above questions truthfully to the best of my knowledge and ability.  I have read a copy of the adoption contract used by the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue, understand it, and agree to abide by its terms should a bulldog be available for placement in my home.  I understand that if, for any reason, I can no longer care for or keep the dog, I must return it directly to the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue, and I will sign all necessary papers for the surrender of the dog.

            I hereby make application to the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue to have my name added to the waiting list for the purpose of giving a bulldog a permanent home.




          Signature of applicant                            Date




          Address                                     Phone number








This is a legal contract.  Please read it carefully.


            Bulldogs are typically affectionate and friendly, and San Antonio Bulldog Rescue will not knowingly place a dog with an unsound temperament.  However, no one can predict how any dog will react in a given situation without complete knowledge of its life experiences before its rescue.  Therefore, adoptive owners are strongly urged to exercise prudence and caution in introducing an adopted bulldog into a new situation until the dog has become fully adjusted to its new environment and the adoptive owner has had an opportunity to become familiar with the dog's unique personality.  San Antonio Bulldog Rescue makes no claims, representations, or warranties regarding the temperament, behavior, or future health of any rescued bulldog.

            The bulldog is not a working or sporting dog.  It is bred solely for companionship.  The bulldog is not an outdoor dog.  Although it loves a daily walk with human companionship, the bulldog's physical structure (i.e. compact body, short legs and brachycephalic features) makes it unsuitable for living outdoors or rigorous exercise like jogging.

            It is strongly suggested that the adoptive home have a fenced yard; if not, the dog must be exercised on leash.  At times a San Antonio Bulldog Rescue member will visit the prospective adoptive home to evaluate it for placement of a rescued dog.

            UNCONDITIONALLY, THE SAN ANTONIO BULLDOG RESCUE RETAINS THE RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL.  If, for any reason, the adoptive owner cannot keep the rescued dog, he/she will contact San Antonio Bulldog Rescue member who placed the dog with him/her for repossession of the dog and another attempt at placement.  If the adoptive owner suggests a possible placement, that prospective owner will have to complete the application and be approved by San Antonio Bulldog Rescue.  This is not done to be arbitrary or punitive; the members of San Antonio Bulldog Rescue assume lifetime responsibility in lieu of the dog's breeder and wish to reduce, as much as possible, the trauma of repeated loss of owners and home.  Our primary responsibility is to the rescued bulldog.

            This contract is made between San Antonio Bulldog Rescue as represented by the member whose signature appears on page 2 of this contract and the adoptive owner whose signature appears on page 2 of this contract.  The adoptive owner agrees to:

1.  Provide this dog with personal I.D. tags, proper food, fresh water, and adequate shelter at all times.

2.  Provide veterinary treatment for this dog as needed including annual examinations and DHLP and rabies vaccinations.

3.  Comply with all state and local laws and ordinances relating to the keeping of this dog including leash and license laws.

4.  Never give or sell this dog to another person, agency, or animal shelter or to allow it to be used for experimentation, dog fighting, or any other commercial activity.

5.  Notify the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue member immediately if, for any reason, I am unable to keep this dog and will return the animal to San Antonio Bulldog Rescue member named on page 2 of this contract.

6.  Notify the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue if this dog is lost.

7.  Permit a Rescue member to observe the premises where the dog is housed and to reclaim the dog if, in the sole judgment of San Antonio Bulldog Rescue member, it is not being cared for as I have agreed to in this document or if I have misrepresented any facts to the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue.







San Antonio Bulldog Rescue, Adoption Contract, page 2


   I, hereby, accept possession of this dog "as is" and at my own risk, and, hereby, release and waive any rights against the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue, and any and all of their members, which I may have now or in the future for any damages to person or property caused by this dog.


   Neutered male____  spayed female____  age____


   Call name____________________________________


The dog described above has been examined by a veterinarian and is in good health with these exceptions:








            I agree to make a donation ($500.00 minimum) to the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue to help with the spaying/neutering and veterinary care of future rescued bulldogs.  If the dog is returned to San Antonio Bulldog Rescue member for good reason within the first four weeks from taking possession of this dog, the donation will be refunded in full.  After this four week trial period, no refund will be made whether the dog is returned by the adoptive owner or as a result of reclamation as specified in item number 7 of this contract.

            I have read all of the preceding information and, by signing below, agree to abide all the provisions of this contract.




        Signature of adoptive owner                      Date




        Printed name of adoptive owner               Phone number




        Adoptive owner's address




        Witnessed: San Antonio Bulldog Rescue member             Date




        San Antonio Bulldog Rescue member's address              Phone number