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Jim Young, DVM

your bulldog's veterinarian
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San Antonio Bulldog rescue will take any bulldog 
(that is, looks like the American Kennel Club standard for the bulldog – does not have to have AKC registration) from Bexar County or South Texas. We do not take American Bulldogs, Old English Bulldogs, Arkansas Giant Bulldogs or any other part-bulldog crosses. We like to make that clear before you bring a dog to us.

We can only take Bulldogs (sometimes called "English Bulldogs") and French Bulldogs, absolutely no other types, i.e. no American Bulldogs, Pitbulls, etc. Use this link to help you determine if your dog is actually an "English" Bulldog.

Jim Young is no longer doing bulldog rescue. 
Please see:
Or please contact:
Mary Holmes at 830-769-2952 or

SABR Rescue Coordinator –
or Hal Hensley at 210-338-0285

About bulldog crosses

I am sorry. We cannot take bulldog crosses into our rescue program.

There is a big problem with bulldog crosses. In the last few years, there has been an explosion of breeders of bulldog crosses. They call them American Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogs, Arkansas Giant Bulldogs and a new name every time you pick up the classified ads. The mixed breed breeders love to tell everybody how much better their dogs are than AKC bulldogs.

We have not yet heard of a bulldog cross breeder taking back a dog the owner was unhappy with. If we were to take in these bulldog cross rescues, we would have a kennel full of dogs that we could not place. We would not have room to take in real bulldogs.
Hound Haven will take bulldog crosses if they have room and if the dog is hospitable to other dogs.

You can contact Hound Haven by email:

Send the basic info (age, sex, guesstimate on mix if possible, vetting already had or needed, temperament, etc.) and a pic so that they can circulate to their foster homes to see who has room.